About Us

Antoniou & Metaxa LLC is an independent and dynamic boutique law firm with main offices in Paphos and associates across the whole of Cyprus. We consider our law firm as one of the new generation of Cyprus law firms who are breaking the mold, challenging assumptions and rethinking the practice of law. We are proud to combine previous large firm experience with the flexibility and personal attention of a boutique firm. Our law firm is committed to representing each client with dedication, determination and excellence. Our lawyers are highly skilled, accessible and driven.

Our Philosophy

Clients have goals: defending their rights in Court, closing a sensitive transaction or generally protecting their best interests. We see these goals symbolically as mountain peaks which are within reach, if one is determined enough to keep climbing. We act as our clients’ strategic legal partners to help them go higher than they were before. To this end, we devote time. Not only to understand our clients’ short term and long term objectives, but also to deliver legal services that combine deep legal knowledge, innovative legal thinking and pragmatism. We are committed to serving our clients with dedication, determination and excellence. At Antoniou & Metaxa LLC, we take legal measures that enable our clients to reach higher.

Our Approach

At Antoniou & Metaxa LLC, we take care of our clients. We understand that their case is not ‘just a file on our desk’, but an important and sometimes crucial aspect of their lives. That is why we serve each client as if it was our only client. We provide high quality legal services in a confidential, prompt and cost-effective manner. At all times we ensure that there is transparency and honesty in every procedure: that our clients know exactly what we are doing and why we are doing it. We are constantly vigilant in adhering to the highest ethical standards in our practice. We never allow a conflict of interest to occur in our work. We never breach the attorney-client privilege. We act solely in the best interests of our clients; each time, every time, with no exceptions. Ultimately, we offer our clients unbiased, genuine, independent professional judgment. This is how we forge strong bonds with our clients, based on mutual trust and respect.

Our Strengths

Our firm has three core strengths. The capacity to offer our clients high quality legal services without ‘big firm’ costs. The specialization of our lawyers in various legal areas. The ability to provide a truly personalized client experience with tailored legal solutions.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to safeguard and further our clients’ best interests by providing personalized legal services of the highest caliber in a confidential, prompt and cost-effective manner.

We Look Forward To Serving You